Probus is all about enjoying the friendship of like-minded people. Members get to know other active retirees in our local community.

We are not taking any new members at the moment but to make enquiries about getting onto the waiting list, please email our Membership Officer or use our Contact Form.

Cherrybrook Venue Information

Our meetings for the foreseeable future will be held here.

Cherrybrook Community and Cultural Centre Iron Bark Hall
1st Tuesday each month @ 9:30am for 10:00 start
31X Shepherds Lane Cherrybrook (off Shepherds Drive)  Take the entrance to Greenway Park

See Map for address location.
Parking at front of and behind the centre. Alternatively, there is additional parking behind the oval

Please see Map for parking locations.
The M60 bus stops at Cherrybrook shops, 5 minutes walk away. See Map for Bus Stop Locations.
Additional Information Material

  1. Map 1
  2. Map 2
  3. Entrance Sign
  4. New Venue Flyer
  5. M60 Bus Timetable